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Posted on April 22nd, 2016.

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A Sound That Awakens a Generation

My wife, Alysse, and I were headed to Birmingham, AL one night for a date night. As we drove, she scrolled Instagram looking at posts while I scanned the radio listening for a song to jam out to. Sure enough I came across an old rock song from my youth. I began to crank up the volume and sing along as the familiar tune blared in our Suburban. After the song went off Alysse and I continued our date night and had a wonderful evening in Birmingham. However I could not shake the song out of my head after we listened to it. It lingered so long that I finally whispered a prayer, “God, are you trying to tell me something?” We got home late that night and as we were getting ready for bed I grabbed my I-phone and googled about the band who sang the song. I ended up reading different articles about how this band rescued rock-n-roll from shipwreck in that day and age. It was a sound that awakened a generation! This caught my attention as I realized that this band discovered a sound that moved a generation by the thousands if not the millions.

As I pondered this, I realized that God wants to release another sound in our day and age but not a secular song that causes us to attend concerts or rebel. He wants to release, through us, a sound from heaven that awakens a generation to the real God and His purpose for them! This sound is simply God’s voice released through our voice. For example, when we look at John the Baptist, we see that he was ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness.’ He awakened his generation with God’s voice speaking through his voice a specific message God gave him. Also notice that John was a voice not an echo. We are not looking to repeat or copy what God has done but we are looking to birth, through prayer and obedience, what He is saying and doing NOW to this current generation. This sound will sweep multitudes into the kingdom of God and prepare the church for the return of Jesus Christ. Like John, we need the NOW word in our hearts and on our lips that, when released, will awaken a generation!






Brian Beasley serves on the executive leadership team at the Ramp, personally working alongside of Mrs. Karen. He’s on the Pastoral Staff of Ramp Church, as well as an instructor in RSM. He works closely with Jacob Peterson in the Mission’s Department, imparting the heart of evangelism into our students. He lives in Hamilton, AL with his wife, Alysse, and two wonderful children: Conley and London. Brian longs to see this generation awakened to the real God, and His desire for them. He longs to equip others with the tools of evangelism in order to bring about an awakening in all parts of the world.