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Walter Mitty Syndrome

Posted on May 31st, 2016.


“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships were built for.” – John A. Shedd

I am about to expose to you one of my greatest fears. Now before you try and guess my fear, you should know it isn’t what you would think it is. It isn’t clowns, spiders, or the boogeyman.

My fear is actually kind of a good fear.

I am afraid of being normal. 

There I said it! Normal!

I am afraid of living a self-centered life built around comfort and safety.

I am afraid of living for myself.

I am afraid of retiring one day and looking back at my life with regret rather than rejoicing!!

A few years ago, I was deeply impacted by the trailer of a movie called, “The Secret life of Walter Mitty.” The movie is based around a normal guy named Walter Mitty who does the same thing day in and day out. He has a problem with daydreaming and often times “zones out” while dreaming of asking his crush out or going on some epic adventure climbing the Himalayas. But instead of going after his dreams, he stays in his boring life until he decides to run away and go on an epic adventure that changes his life.

When I saw this trailer I was moved to tears because I saw a generation with “Walter Mitty Syndrome”

Our generation speaks often of adventure and living life to the fullest but all of their dreams are simply dreams and they are too afraid to step out and actually take a risk!

I pray that the fear of being normal would be greater than the fear of failure or the fear of discomfort.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross for us to be normal, so why settle for it?

I believe you have two options in front of you:

  1. Pursue the American dream and live a life of safety, comfort, and ease.


  1. Take a step out into the unknown and follow the will of God for your life.

Peter had no clue what would await him when he dropped his nets to follow Jesus, but he did it, and changed the world! He would go down in history as the first Christian to preach under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and see thousands get saved (Acts 2:14-41) God would use him to heal the lame man at the gate of beautiful (Acts 3:1:10) and God would also use him to raise the dead! (Acts 9:36-43) He would also carry such an anointing that his very shadow would heal the sick.

I can guarantee you that the day he was crucified upside down that he did not wish he would have remained a fisherman.

Instead of dying for the cause of Christ, he would have died of boredom.

All that to say:

Step out.

Take a risk.

Go for it.

Apply for RSM.

Jacob Peterson


Jacob Peterson is 26 years old and originally from Birmingham, Alabama. He is married to the love of his life, Lexie and has two little girls named Rhys and Piper. Jacob is the pastor for the Chosen ministry team and is the chair of the mission’s department for the Ramp School of Ministry. Jacob burns to see a generation awakened out of spiritual complacency to a vibrant and passionate relationship with Jesus. He desires to see this generation truly fulfill the two great commandments: To love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves.