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You Can Give Back

Posted on December 7th, 2016.


Wildfire in the Smoky Mountains
As news of the devastating fire in the Smoky Mountains went national, I read a Facebook post from a friend who said, “I feel like a part of America is about to die in the fires in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. These cities have meant so much to my family, friends, and even my career.”

I grew up going to the Smoky Mountains. My mother, Karen Wheaton, ministered at the Grand Hotel in Pigeon Forge for many years. I remember the excitement of seeing the Christmas lights as you drive into the city. One year, Donna Douglas, the actress who played Elly May Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies was a special guest, and I met her. She was incredibly gracious. I was too young to really watch the show, but she was a hero of mine after that. Now, I bring my four children to Pigeon Forge every year to host The Ramp’s Winter Ramp conference. It’s a part of my heritage I love passing on to my children.

The Smoky Mountains are a piece of America’s heritage as well. As I watched the fires burn this week, I realized how much that area is a part of my life and how many people across America feel deeply connected to those mountains. And with so many of you, I prayed for rain.

Winter Ramp in Pigeon Forge
Now, the fires have passed and the re-building begins. Pigeon Forge and the surrounding area host millions of people every year. This is the third year we are hosting our Winter Ramp event in Pigeon Forge, and we feel more certain than ever God has sent us to that region. What an opportunity to bring the love of Jesus through prayer, service, and love to a community who have given so much to us!

We want this Winter Ramp to be more than a conference.  We want to see our team and partners descend on that ravaged area and see lives transformed.

Get involved
So first, plan on coming.  We’d love to see you there on December 31st-January 2nd.  We believe God moves in the most desperate places, and more than anything, we’d like to see God’s blessing on these wonderfully resilient people.

Second – come prepared to give back. We’re not only preparing to worship, teach, and preach the gospel at the conference, but we want to reach out to make a difference. We are teaming up with local organizations including the American Red Cross to offer assistance while we are there. We’re coming to pray, help clean up and rebuild, distribute food and other supplies, and bring hope. Details about how to be involved with these outreaches will be emailed to all conference registrants in the coming weeks.

Dolly Parton’s My People Fund
We were deeply touched by Dolly Parton’s efforts to help the families in Gatlinburg who have lost their homes to the fire by giving $1000 a month for the next six months. When we saw this opportunity, we knew it was exactly the kind of help we wanted to invest into. The Ramp is donating a portion of each Winter Ramp registration to Dolly Parton’s My People Fund.

Join Us in the Mountains
We want to make sure we do the most good to the most people. These wonderful people have lost everything – their homes, their loved ones, and many have lost hope. You can help us make a difference. Join us for Winter Ramp in Pigeon Forge this year and begin 2017 with a heart focused on worshipping Jesus, loving people, and living passionately!

The difference you can make can make all the difference. Call or visit us on the web right now, and let us know that you believe in God’s ability to transform the people of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

Lauren Bentley                                                                                                                                                                                      Click here to get registered