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God and Dreams

Posted on July 13th, 2016.



There is nothing more powerful than having a relationship with God. A big part of that relationship is communication. God always has and will speak to His people, and we want to be like Jesus who does what He sees and hears the Father doing (John 5:19-20). The Christian religion is the only religion that talks about a god who is close, involved in our lives, and relational.  It is important we become good listeners to have a closer relationship with God, spiritually grow and advance the kingdom. Having eyes to see, we will see, and having ears to hear, we will hear.

One of the major areas God speaks is through dreams and visions.  In scripture there are approximately 200 references to dreams and visions.  One-third of scripture directly or indirectly relates to a dream or vision. Also, you sleep about a third of your life, which means you will have slept around 20 years by the time you are 60 years old.  God wants to speak and use you when you are a sleep. He wants you to know His language and know His voice.

Dreams from God can say a lot.  Dreams are like movies and God is the writer, director, and producer. Dreams are like these gifts from God that when they are interpreted well can say so much to empower us in our purpose and destiny. Scripture is filled with God giving dreams. The life of Jesus has many dreams like Mary’s pregnancy is explained to Joseph in a dream in Matthew 1:20,

The wise men are warned in a dream not to report to Herod, Matthew 2:12, Joseph is given lots of direction and instruction through multiple dreams in Mathew 2. Then in Matthew 27:19, at Jesus trial, Pilate’s wife has a dream about Jesus that greatly impacts and disturbs her causing her to say Jesus is a just man. The Old Testament is also filled with God giving dreams to “believers” and “unbeliever’s.”

I had an African friend whose grandmother was involved in witchcraft. The family was mixed with Christians and Muslims. She took pieces from both of these religions. My friend asked me to come and talk with her grandmother about God. I said okay, lets go see her. The night before I went to meet her, I prayed she would encounter the living God, and asked God to help me be in tune with His awesome plans. The next day as I am going with my friend to see his grandmother I hear the Lord say to me “just listen to her and bless her.” When I sat down next to her I asked her all of these questions about how she was doing, and enjoyed our conversation. I found out that she needed a washing machine, and I told her I had just come across one that I could give her. She smiled so big. Then she told me that last night she had a dream that I came to her and a voice came out of this light and told her to listen too me. I then began to tell her about Jesus who brought me to her. She asked Jesus in her heart, asked me all these questions about God, and later would start coming to church with me. I got her that washing machine, and I have loved this sweet grandmother ever sense.

I believe dreams are going to have an incredible revival. I feel like whole communities are going to become very mature in hearing and knowing God’s voice in dreams.

I believe God is invading the life of people all over the Globe through dreams and visions, and God will use his sons and daughters like Joseph and Daniel to say to them God knows the interpretation tell me your dreams (Genesis 40:8). I believe one of the major ways God is going to evangelize the Muslim world whether on the eastern or western side is through them having dreams that Christians can interpret. I just want to encourage you to ask God to help you understand dreams and visions and all the ways He speaks. I want to encourage you to study what the bible says about these night parables, and I pray God will use you in mighty ways as you hear and see Him and release His Kingdom.

Josh Hollingsworth serves as a speaker to Ramp Ministries and a teacher at the Ramp School of Ministry. He also has a personal ministry called EyestoSee, and is on the Board of the Gate Ministries in Charlotte, NC. His message is to welcome all peoples into the great heart of God and experience the King Himself. He teaches you can get as close to God as you want. He spends a lot of time in many nations and outreaches releasing the Kingdom. He lives in Hamilton with his wife Betsy and daughter Isabel.

Marsha Ann
Marsha Ann

Wow!!! This is amazing! I pray God speaks to me more through my dreams ! Maybe He is speaking and I just need to recognize it.This is amazing