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Core Curriculum

How do you become a leader of a global awakening? The first step is discipleship. You learn to follow Jesus. Leadership in the kingdom of God is actually follower-ship. In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul the apostle wrote, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” He pioneered missions, planted churches, and pastored nations simply because he knew how to follow Jesus.

At RSM, that’s the focal point of the core curriculum. The Holy Spirit strengthens your foundations in God so you are not changed by the world God has called you to change. As you learn to follow Jesus, you develop your leadership abilities, too. You learn how to take other people on the journey of discipleship. Jesus initiated a global revolution by making disciples who would make disciples. That’s the strategy at RSM. You become a disciple who makes disciples, and you step into the global plan of God.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the core curriculum courses:

Foundations of Identity

Discipleship I: The Disciplines of Devotion

Discipleship II: The Spirit of Devotion

Discipleship III: The Nazarite Vow

Honor’s Authority

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Revival History

Spiritual Gifts

A Heart of Ministry

Faith, Power, and Authority

The Art of Hearing God

The Making of a Leader

Understanding and Serving the Local Church

Next Generation Leader

Understanding the Kingdom

The History of Israel and the Identity of the Church

Eschatology: The Hope of New Creation

The Knowledge of the Holy

A Study of the Book of Romans



Specialized Training 


Within the Ramp School of Ministry, there are training programs to equip our students for their specific calling. 



Performing Arts


Visual Arts

Leadership Opportunities