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Who can apply?

Applicants must be at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

Is there a maximum age limit?

No. Anyone who is ready for intense discipleship and intentional development is encouraged to attend. We don’t believe hunger or purpose is relative to age.

Will all applicants be accepted?

No. After prayerfully reviewing your application and recommendations, we will determine whether or not our program is for you. We will then notify you via email regarding your acceptance or denial.

Where is RSM located?

We are located at 340 Bexar Avenue East, in Hamilton, Alabama.

Is child care provided for students?

No. Students are responsible for arranging child care.

What is the cost of tuition?

Please visit our Costs page for further information.

Do you offer a payment plan for tuition?

Yes. Students have two options.

1. Pay in full

2. Monthly payments

For more info, please see “costs” tab on our website, or contact our financial aid office at (205) 921-­0909.

Will housing be provided?

All first year RSM students are required to live in RSM Student Housing. Exceptions are students over the age of 23 or students who have lived within a 30 mile radius of Hamilton Alabama for 6 months or more.

How many students attend RSM?

Our enrollment for the 2016/2017 academic year is 171 students.

What does the third year internship opportunity look like?

We invite you to visit our Ramp Interns website (Click here) and learn about what a third year internship at the Ramp could look like for you!

What do I need for my classes?

You will be responsible for your own supplies (paper, pens, etc). Some textbooks are required. Laptops, though not required, are encouraged and will be beneficial to students.

What kind of core classes are offered?

1st Year Core Curriculum:

Foundations of Identity

Discipleship I, II, and III

Honor's Authority

New Testament Survey

The Day of His Saints

Old Testament Survey


2nd Year Core Curriculum:

Spiritual Gifts

A Heart of Ministry

Next Generation Leader

The History of Israel and the Identity of the Church


The Knowledge of the Holy

A Study of the Book of Romans

What majors are offered?

Our schools offer the following majors:

Ministry and Leadership



Do you offer a discount for married couples?

Yes. Married couples receive the family discount of $250 off per applicant. This discount cannot be combined with the paid in full discount of $500.

Is transportation provided for students without a vehicle?

No.  We do not provide transportation in any way, nor does the city of Hamilton have public transportation.  Students are responsible for their own transportation.  

What does tuition cover?

Tuition covers over 200 hours of Bible classes each semester, worksheets and class materials, daily use of the Ramp facilities, honorariums for seminar speakers, administrative costs, and more. Textbooks are not covered by tuition; however, the cost of books is very low.

Are my tuition payments tax-deductible?

Tuition payments are not tax-deductible.

What is a typical weekʼs schedule?

Monday-Friday mornings from 8-9 are a combination of either Morning Prayer, Student Life, and Missions Meetings. The RSM academic schedule runs Monday-Thursday (9:15-12:00) with the exception of labs and extra-curricular activities filling the afternoon slots on given days. Student attendance is required at Ramp Conferences and Ramp Church services. Details on conference frequency can be found on the events page (Click here). Opportunities for local outreach will also be available on some weekends.

How long is the school?

RSM is a two year program, beginning in August and ending in May, with a third year intership opportunity.

Are you accepting international applications?

No.  We are not currently able to accept international students.  We are working with the appropriate government agencies and hope to open our doors to international students very soon.  

Is RSM accredited?

No.  We are not currently pursuing accreditation.

As an RSM student, can I audition for Chosen?

No. Chosen doesn’t hold auditions, but is a ministry team that operates by invitation only.

Will I be able to visit home while enrolled at RSM?

Yes. During off weekends and on typical school holidays students may visit home.

Will I need a laptop?

A personal computer is recommended for communication and study, but it is not required.

If I am accepted, can I work an outside job?

Yes!  Though we require students to fulfill serving hours each week, they may maintain a job to provide for themselves and their families.  We’ve designed our classroom schedule to fit the needs of students who hold part-time jobs.

Are there any second year options?

Yes! Our second year program continues the process of developing each student in both their personal call and corporate responsibility. Students must re-apply for acceptance into the second year of RSM.