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Who Are We?

The Ramp School of Ministry (RSM) ignites lives of presence and purpose. These priorities permeate every prayer meeting, classroom, and conversation. They give shape to student life and focus to each event. RSM produces lives that revolve around God’s presence and that are positioned to fulfill their purpose.

RSM’s commitment to the presence of God is non-negotiable. Each classroom, prayer meeting, and Ramp service is a fresh opportunity to encounter God. Students learn to have a high degree of hunger for and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. This commitment drives everything we do.

Along with presence, purpose is the second pillar of RSM’s core values. God has a personalized, specialized purpose for each and every person. RSM fosters an environment where that purpose is identified, developed, and utilized.

What is Our Story?

RSM was birthed out of Chosen, the Ramp’s core ministry team. Since 1998, Karen Wheaton has discipled, developed, and released into ministry young men and women. They share her platform, share her convictions, and share her responsibility to carry the mission of the Ramp. Whether through dance, drama, speaking, worship, or visual media, Chosen uses their individual gifts to accomplish the corporate assignment of awakening.

RSM launched in 2010 because of Karen Wheaton’s desire to give the “Chosen experience” to more than just a handful of young people. She longs to see multitudes of young men and women discipled, developed, and released into their own ministries. Just as Chosen operates in unity for the sake of one mission, Karen Wheaton envisions a whole generation combining their individual gifts to see a massive awakening.

What Do We Teach?

RSM’s core curriculum introduces students to the lifestyle of presence and purpose. It instills the habits of a healthy walk with God by focusing on principles of discipleship and holiness. It also identifies gifts, shapes potential, and forms leadership in order to position students to seize their destinies. RSM’s core curriculum is foundational and vital for each believer who is called to make a real impact in today’s world. (For a list of our core classes, see the curriculum page.)

What Do We Offer?

RSM is a two year program offering training in unique majors of equipping. These majors provide intensified focus in specific areas of calling, including ministry, music, and dance & drama. Through each of RSM’s majors, students progress down the road of purpose at an accelerated rate. They receive hands-on training in a creative environment where growth is both expected and demanded. (For more information on RSM’s majors, see the curriculum page.)

What is RSM Like?

The Classroom

Many people equate Bible classes with stoic instructors, irrelevant information, and boredom.  That is not the case at the Ramp School of Ministry.  Our classroom atmosphere is charged with expectancy, intensity, and rigor.  We are persuaded that the knowledge of God is unattainable without the presence of God.  Every class at RSM is an experience in His real, raw presence; it is in this atmosphere that the Word of God penetrates the hearts of students and brings transformation to their minds.  Our students are challenged by dynamic teaching on kingdom principles that will catapult them into a lifetime of pursuing God and releasing the kingdom of God in every sphere of life and ministry.  

Corporate Prayer

At RSM, prayer isn’t just taught by lecture and note-taking, but by immersing students into passionate corporate prayer meetings on a daily basis.  They learn to pray by praying alongside their classmates, instructors, and Ramp family.  Our students become eyewitnesses to the power of prayer on a weekly basis, seeing healing, miracles, and answers manifest before them.  Prayer ceases to be drudgery and becomes an exciting invitation to participate in the supernatural.  At the end of our program, students will have spent well over 125 hours in united prayer as they seek God for His intervention in our generation.

Ramp Church

Ramp Church launched in August of 2012 in order to build healthy lifestyles of both discipleship to Jesus Christ and relationship with fellow believers. Ramp Church is a vibrant, diverse body of believers who share a common hunger for Jesus and desire to see His kingdom advanced. Sunday morning services teach the principles of victorious living so members of the body of Christ can engage their world with the transforming power of Jesus. Wednesday nights focus on practical teaching and relationship building. Ramp Church is a place where students can grow in their relationship with God and with others.

Student Life

Hamilton is “home away from home” to our students. Our student life activities promote a sense of family and belonging among students.  RSM provides regular activities, social events, and the atmosphere to foster real, tight-knit relationships.  Student council, volunteer committees, quarterly events, and small groups ensure that each student will find a place to connect and form meaningful relationships while enrolled in RSM.  

Is RSM for You?

If you want your life to revolve around God’s presence while also fulfilling your purpose, then RSM is the ideal environment for you. We equip you with the mentality of intentionality. You leave RSM being intentional about God’s presence and intentional about your purpose. Nothing happens by accident. Fellowship with God doesn’t just automatically happen, and a life filled with purpose doesn’t just happen either. Both take investment. If you’re ready to make that investment, then join us at RSM and build your life upon the pillars of presence and purpose today.