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Messages by: Brian Beasley, Karen Wheaton, Stacie Reeser and Micah Wood
Formats available: DVD/CD Combo or Digital Download

Faith is believing that the things you cannot see are more real than the things you can see. When you have a spirit of faith, you are not moved by outward circumstances. You are settled and stabilized by the promises of God. In this four-part series, Brian Beasley, Karen Wheaton, Stacie Reeser, and Micah Wood outline the lifestyle of faith, empowering you to believe God regardless of the circumstances that surround you.



1. Faith in a Factual World - Brian Beasley

Faith cannot exist where the will of God is not known. What is God's will? God's will is His word. In this message, Brian Beasley reveals that a life of faith revolves around the Word of God and not our temporary circumstances. 

2. The Spirit of Faith - Brian Beasley

God builds upon hope with a spirit of faith. Hope longs for change in the future; faith declares change today. In this message, Brian Beasley teaches that faith speaks to present situations, declaring the will of God.

3. The Journey of Faith - Karen Wheaton, Stacie Reeser, and Brian Beasley

A lack of faith creates internal storms. It makes us unsettled and uncertain of God's promises. But when we faith is present, it speaks, "Peace," to our storms. In this message, Karen Wheaton, Stacie Reeser, and Brain Beasley team up to teach on the journey of faith.

4. God Is a Rewarder - Micah Wood

God rewards diligent seekers. When we seek, we find. When we ask, we receive. When we knock, the door is opened. In this message, Micah Wood teaches that expecting a reward from God is part of the lifestyle of faith.

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