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Messages by: Micah Wood
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Jesus must be interpreted in His historical context. He is not only the timeless Savior of the world, but also the timely Messiah of Israel. If you want to understand the gospels within the story of scripture, and see the fuller picture of what God has accomplished through Jesus, the Messiah, then this series is for you! 


1. The Timely Man 
Jesus is the climax of Israel’s story with God. He is the hinge of Israel’s history. If we want to understand the timelessness of what Jesus did for all men, we must first understand the timeliness of what Jesus did for Israel.

2. The Epoch of Abraham 
Israel’s story is initiated by Abraham. He is the foundation of their understanding about themselves, their world, and their God. The events of Jesus build upon what God started through Abraham.

3. The Epoch of David 
Israel’s story is accelerated by David. King David’s reign caused Israel’s corporate identity to evolve and grow, leading them to believe audacious promises from God.

4. The Epoch of Babylon 
The story of Israel is complicated by Babylon. Babylonian exile shattered the people of God, leaving them confused, scattered, and alone. However, hope remained that their God would act on their behalf.

5. The Epoch of Jesus 
The story of Israel is culminated in Jesus. The history of Abraham, David, and Babylon leads to the climactic moment when the Messiah finally appears.

6. The Israel of God 
How does the story of Israel and her Messiah affect the rest of the world? Find out in the conclusion of the series Messiah.

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