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Mission Shaped Life Vol. 2: The Kingdom of God

Mission Shaped Life Vol. 2: The Kingdom of God
Messages by: Micah Wood
Formats available: CD, DVD, Digital Download

Jesus inaugurated the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. This reality has huge ramifications for our lives. In Mission Shaped Life Vol. 1: Faith, Hope, Love, Micah Wood outlined motivations behind the outreach of the church. In this volume, Micah explores the nature of our mission and our responsibility as it pertains to the kingdom of God.


1. Light Has Dawned
The gospel writers communicated a very basic truth: a new day has dawned at last. Too often, we gravitated toward the parts of Christianity that are “not yet,” instead of embracing the parts that are already here. This message calls each of us to conduct our lives with the awareness of what has already arrived in Jesus Christ.

2. From Preparation to Proclamation
Many of us need to transition from a John the Baptist mentality to a Jesus mentality. John the Baptist primarily prepared for something that was coming. Jesus primarily proclaimed what was there. We become most effective when we transition from a preparation emphasis to a proclamation emphasis.

3. The Kingdom of the Father and the Reign of the Son
This message explores the nature of God’s kingdom in light of the trinity. Each of us can have peace of mind because it is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. Furthermore, the responsibility of the kingdom rests upon the shoulders of God’s Son, Jesus, so we can rest in His authority and lordship.

4. The Power of the Spirit
The kingdom of the Father and the reign of the Son are demonstrated through the church by the power of the Holy Spirit. Utter dependance upon the Spirit of God must characterize all of our kingdom endeavors.

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