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I Can Go to the Master - Remembering Soundtrack

I Can Go to the Master

---I sing this song for the struggling Pastor and his family. I sing it for the one who sits in a hospital day after day by the bedside of someone they love. For the husband or wife whose dreams and heart have been shattered. For the parent who lies awake at night wondering where their wandering child is and what went wrong for you. If you're hurting and don't know where to go or what to do, take my hand. We'll go to the Master together.

Verse 1: When there's no place to go, you think no One knows What you're going through When you've done all you can, You're exhausted my friend. There's nothing left you can do. When life overwhelms you or someone betrays you. You feel like no one cares There's still one place I know, when there's no place to go I can go to the Master in prayer

Chorus: I can go to the Master. He always listens He welcomes my please because He cares about me He won't overlook my petition He's standing above and He's watching in love He's waiting my burden to bear He's got time for you and a place for me too I can go to the Master in prayer

Verse 2: When the world turns on me, I'm so blind I can't see Doubts are everywhere When my friends turn me down and my spirit is bound I can't rise above my fears When the pain won't release me, there's no peace within me I'm feeling like life isn't fair When my nights sleep is lost and I've turned and I've tossed I can go to the Master in prayer

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

Tag: If your life's dead end, I can still recommend We can go to the Master in prayer

Words and Music by Carrol McGruder Copyright 1991 Integrated Copyright Group. BMI

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